Introducing James: a five-day study

Happy Monday, SOAP Study friends! For the past few weeks, I've been leading a small group through the Book of James. We've spent six weeks digging into and dissecting James' most controversial statements (trust me, there are plenty of those) -- and, of course, eating copious amounts of snacks (the baklava during week #5 rocked my world), laughing, and doing the most ridiculous icebreakers together. It's been the best way to spend my Tuesday nights! 

As part of our group study, I wrote out SOAP studies for each chapter that we used as the basis of our discussions. I've even added a new feature called "Going Deeper," which offers some reflection questions at the end of each devotional. 

After sharing these with this amazing group of ladies, I'm excited to share them with you, too! We'll be kicking off our brand new study on Monday, August 1st, and finishing up on Friday, August 5th. (Yep, it's only five days long!) Share this link and invite someone you know to join you -- it's the perfect SOAP study for someone who's new to the Bible or is trying to develop the habit of reading the Bible daily. Each chapter is fairly short, but jam packed with wisdom, conviction, and encouragement. (Never SOAP'd before? Learn more here.)

See you Monday!