(More) Assurance -- New study starts May 8th

Raise your (virtual) hand if you've ever had good intentions but epically failed at actually executing your wonderful intentions in real life. 

I'm raising both hands and waving them around because WELCOME TO MY LIFE. 

Motherhood is wonderful and overwhelming and exhausting and incredible... but also leaves little time to do much beyond what's necessary, which is why I haven't written a new study in, errrrr, six months. However, in that time, I've learned a lot about grace, finally started to settle into somewhat of a routine, began sleeping through the night (at least once or twice a week), and spent every free moment I had with this sweet little face. 

Thankfully, one thing I haven't stopped doing is writing... so I have months and months worth of Bible studies stored up that I'm hoping to start publishing here at this little corner of the internet again. We're going to pick up right where we left off -- with more assurances. 

I published "Assurance" last November; it was a ten-day study that took us through ten different promises of God, helped us start the practice of scripture memorization, and grounded us in truth we desperately need. (You can read the Assurance intro here.) Next week, I'm back with a short five-day study called "(More) Assurance" where we'll look at five more promises our God makes to us. 

More Assurance

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