Walking His Will (Sermon on the Mount) 

Have you ever wondered - What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to respond to this person? Act in this relationship? Pray in this situation? Know what to do with my money? Get rid of worry and anxiety? Remain faithful in a seemingly hopeless situation? What is God’s will for my life?

Too often, we try to answer those questions on our own, relying on our own (limited) wisdom and experience, asking others for their insights and opinions… instead of looking to the One who really has all the answers. Enter: Jesus and the “Sermon on the Mount.” We find it in Matthew, one of the gospels of Jesus’ life, in chapters 5 through 7. This is the longest (continuous) sermon from Jesus recorded in the New Testament, and he drops some major knowledge bombs – from how to pray to how to love our enemies. He shows us how to walk in God’s will. If you need some direction, join us for this study... 

Length of Study: 10 days